Unit weight measures


The 54-C0167/1 10 l model, is strictly conforming to EN12350-6 and to the old BS 1881:Part 107 Standard: 200 mm dia., x 320 mm high, 4 mm thick with machined rim and base internal radius of 20 mm.
The other models 54-C0166/2 to 54-C169 have internal dimensions conforming to ASTM C29 and ASTM C138.
All made from steel sheet protected against corrosion.


  EN 12350-6

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Models 55-


Cap., litres10235101428
Int. Dim. mm (dxh)200x320    154x111   154x165   188x180   213x281   234x320   347x299   
Max size of
Weight  approx kg82346911

*Conforming to BS 1881:Part 107

Order nummers

54-C0166: Unit weight measure 5 l cap. 54-C0166/1: Unit weight measure 3 l cap.

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 54-C0166/2: Unit weight measure 2 l cap. 54-C0167: Unit weight measure 10 l cap. 54-C0167/1: Unit weight measure 10 l cap. to BS 1881:Part 107 54-C0168: Unit weight measure 14 l cap. 54-C0169: Unit weight measure 28 l cap.