Verification Instruments for Moulds and Specimens


These instrumentation is used for the assessment of Flatness, Perpendicularity and Strightness of test specimen and mouls as specified by EN 12390-1. They are available, on request, complete with certificate of calibration issued by a competent authority such as NAMAS, ACCREDIA, COfrac etc.
The identification labels 55-C0100/D, made from PVC, 100x60 mm in size, are used for writing the identification data. The corners can be folded for immersion in the fresc concrete specimen.


  EN 12390-1

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

55-C0100/ID: Identification labels for concrete specimens. Madefrom PVC, size 100x60 mm, foldable corners for immersion into fresh concrete. Pack of 100 pcs. 82-C0106/1: Go/no go gauges for 100 mm cube mould

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 82-C0106/2: Go/no go gauge for 150 mm cube moulds. 82-C0107/1: Engineers square 150 mm 82-C0108/1: Straightedge 300 mm 82-C0109/1: Digital vernier caliper, 155 mm 82-C0110/1: Set of feeler strip 90 mm long